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Screenshop | Case Study
When Screenshop was just an idea, Co-founders Molly Hurwitz and Mark Fishman along with CTO Jonathan Caras knew that in order for “the shazam for fashion” to succeed they needed two things; large scale exposure and technology that really worked.

Securing a partnership with Kim Kardashian as the app’s spokeswoman meant that the first task was covered. The media mogul has promoted the app on her Instagram account on multiple occasions, sharing with her 114 Million followers how to screenshot and shop your favorite looks.

“Shazam of fashion”

For Screenshop to truly become “the shazam of fashion” required technology which could deliver results that were consistent and accurate enough to earn the trust of loyal users. Finding a technology provider that could deliver those results at scale, with speed and accuracy, was not easy. Screenshop CTO Jonathan Caras explains:

Jonathan Caras
Screenshpp CTO
“In designing the Screenshop app, we tested, I believe, most if not all vendors out there for six months. Syte’s performance ended up being 4 to 6 times better than competition especially when it came to real world and Instagram benchmarks. This was also reflected in A/B testing where there was no match to conversion, and most importantly, returning users rates.”
“Syte’s performance ended up being 4 to 6 times better than competition especially when it came to real world and Instagram benchmarks”

Screenshop receives
masses of uploads daily

Most of those images are screenshots from social media or taken live, meaning Syte’s technology not only identifies multiple fashion items within the image, but also distinguish the shoppable items apart from the noise in the background.

To build a relationship of reliance between Screenshop and it’s users, results needed to match users’ expectations.

For Screenshop, this meant a technology provider that could deliver accurate results quickly and at scale.
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