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How Boohoo increased conversion rates by over 100% with Syte’s Solutions

UK based, has rapidly made a name for itself in the intensely competitive UK ecommerce market as a potential challenger to ASOS.  Known for their Millennial and GenZ shoppers, Boohoo listens to what their shoppers want, and develops UX and product to meet their needs. In January, its umbrella company U.K -based Boohoo Group — which also owns BoohooMan, Pretty Little Thing and Nasty Gal — reported that group revenue for the last four months of 2017 had almost doubled year over year, reaching $308.6 million.

Agile to innovate and adopt new models and UX, Boohoo has become an example for retailers everywhere of what can happen when technology is innovatively deployed.

Boohoo’s ‘broad but shallow’ inventory offers a vast selection of styles and options that sell out fast but are seamlessly replaced by many visually similar items. Their Millenial, Gen Z customer is very Instagram and image oriented, requiring immediate, highly visual inspiration led by mobile.

Boohoo was looking for a way to enhance their users’ journey and allow a more natural way to discover and style their products.

Andrew Thomson
Director of eCommerce at Boohoo
“Particular challenges with our inventory relate to transient ‘sell-out’ product, with images that need to be tagged fast at very low cost. Specific style references and nuances also change through a season. Associated with that is the need to allow the customer to always find her size in stock in whatever style she has in mind, without too many iterative journeys through a flawed text-search process. It seemed to us that visual search could and should enable us to solve these challenges”

Syte and Boohoo worked closely to cultivate a package of UX solutions that would enhance their online experience and drive growth. Boohoo were the first to test and launch Syte’s visual search Camera Button live on their site, allowing users to search any image, and shop the most visually similar pieces available at Boohoo. Boohoo also created convenient, instantly visible carousels of product suggestions automatically populated by Syte’s “Shop Similar” and “Shop the Look” technology, leveraging user’s propensity to purchase related items.

We have seen that visitors who engage with ‘View Similar’ on the PDP have a conversion rate over 100% higher than those who do not and the AOV is 12% higher. Lastly, pages per session are over 135% higher.”

Collaboration in the QA process led to a refined algorithm nuance as well as very specific UX in AB testing. Both parties had input into creating and fine tuning the specific ‘tech products’ eventually crystalised for the retailer. In the past year Boohoo worked closely with Syte to introduce several adaptations of visual search to its test audience.

Now, Boohoo is experimenting with Syte’s deep tagging solution, enhancing their textual search performance whilst providing detailed back-of-house data and significantly reducing the cost of both. Boohoo are also testing a new Syte feature allowing shoppers to upload a garment and receive a feed of social media influencers sporting the same piece. This new feature, titled InstaSearch, will allow Boohoo to connect it’s Millennial user base with social media, where they are already spending up to 6 hours a day.

Syte’s features have proven to be not only a fun addition to Boohoo’s eCommerce site, but also showing substantial conversion to purchase rates.

“We were very transparent with Syte about the ROI from particular product trials, because it was the most precise and fastest way to develop new solutions delivering real performance improvements in UX. Similar to text search, we see increases in engagement compared to visitors who don’t use search. Conversion rates are over 85% higher and pages per session over 125% higher.”

Implementation of visual search solutions has allowed boohoo to connect with their target audience in a more personalized way- showing their users only what interests them while increasing inventory discoverability.

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