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When you are a marketplace retailer with over 600 brands, giving your customers a fast, easy and satisfying customer experience can be incredibly difficult.

But not for Atterley, the ecommerce retailer that is offering the best of the best in customer experience by meshing cutting-edge visual AI from Syte with a deep knowledge of their customer journey and their customers' desires. With Syte's AI, they have implemented everything from visual product search to product recommendations.

“Ecommerce is a noisy space and we need to innovate to be competitive”.

In the saturated world of ecommerce, this makes all the difference, explains Atterley's Head of Marketing and Partnerships, Lesley Comrie. “Giving customers an easy way to navigate products and brands throughout the website is important because of our broad brand mix. Ecommerce is a noisy space and we need to innovate to be competitive.”

From product pages to auto-generating tags, Atterley keeps a keen eye on how they can enhance their customer's experience with Syte's AI.

Catering to user intent

Good customer experience makes all the difference in today's crowded ecommerce space, and recent innovations in the customer journey tend to cater to repeat customers because they're easier to service. One-click checkout or a reorder option is great, but it's not catering to user intent for people who have never been to your website before.

That's why Atterley has focused their customer experience efforts on a place where new customers land: product pages. “The majority of our traffic comes direct to product pages,” explains Comrie. “Making sure that we can enrich the customer journey from the product page is key. Now, with Syte's 'Shop Similar' feature, anyone can land on a product page and find associated products instantly.”

Shop Similar generates a choice of items that are similar to the product a customer lands on, including accessories or outfit components styled with the product. This means that customers can browse a personalized recommendation of what they are looking for without ever having been to the site before. It also recommends similar in-stock items on product pages for out-of-stock pages.

A customer who landed on the “Just Female Juliette Maxi Dress” can easily browse similar dresses right from Atterley's product page.

They also have a “Shop The Look” feature, where visitors can immediately shop every item featured in a product's photos. If you were on the hunt for some jeans and you saw this pair:

The jeans are great, but if you also immediately fell in love with the jean/sneaker combo, Atterley's Shop The Look section will quickly point you to a similar pair of shoes:

“Especially for customers who are visiting Atterley for the first time, being able to see more of a brand or style they like on that product page is a critical step in the customer journey,” she adds. The visual AI gives people options and helps them discover brands Atterley carries that they may be interested in.

“Helping direct traffic from product pages to more items they might like is critical for building out a great customer experience.” That excellent customer experience is what separates them from the pack — and what leads customers to purchase and come back to their site.

Capitalizing on UGC

Running influencer marketing campaigns isn't an applicable strategy for marketplace sites like Atterley that aggregate brands rather than produce their own lines.

How do they capitalize on the proliferation of UGC in the ecommerce space?

“We make user generated content instantly shoppable on our site and in our marketing,” Comrie says.

“In general, user generated content increases the authenticity of your brand and strengthens the ecosystem between you and your customers. By making UGC content shoppable, especially in our editorial marketing, we're feeding that ecosystem.”
Atterley's “The Edit” section offers a curated trend report with images that have shoppable tags embedded. The shopping results in the tag are auto-updated to in-stock pieces only.

Atterley uses Syte's AI to help people easily shop any street style or influencer UGC they see on their site or in promotional materials, from their emails to their blog posts. “Street style and influencer content is something customers want,” declares Comrie. With Syte's AI, any UGC image can be tagged with pieces available in Atterley's stock. This is a big step up from simply listing items that match in an email or a post because the availability of pieces fluctuates.

“Syte's matches are continuously auto-filling suggestions with what we have in stock. We can now push to our editorial platform with any image from our campaigns and make them into evergreen content with Syte's AI.”

For a marketplace company with stock coming in and selling out regularly, this means users always get directed to something they can actually purchase, and nobody's left with an out-of-stock page, no matter when they click through an email or read through a trend post.

Rendering any product image useful

The back end of Atterley's operation faces the same huge challenge as any marketplace company: working with less-than-perfect data from vendors.

“We have a directory of over 600 brands, and properly categorizing every product can be a challenge.” Standardizing inventory tags across that many items is difficult, she explains. “We have over 130 product feeds coming from our branded boutique partners. But some of them are missing details in the description that assist in conversion.”

It was such a challenge that it required multiple people on the Atterley team to deal with all the items coming in.

“Syte's visual AI is a solution that does the job of a couple members of our team immediately. What would take hours is now automatically taken care of.” Deep Tagging, powered by Syte's AI, provides accurate tags down to shiny vs. glossy, dress length, patterns and heel height.

“Syte’s performance ended up being 4 to 6 times better than competition especially when it came to real world and Instagram benchmarks”

With manual tagging of individual product attributes taken care of by Syte's Deep Tagging, Atterley's employees can now devote their time, energy and creativity to the business, not to busywork.

At the same time, customers get richer tags to search from, better product information and an easier journey to find exactly what they're looking for.

An eye towards the future

Atterley's partnership with Syte allows them to keep an eye on the future as they think about developing their customer experience on their site and in their app.

Enhanced textual search, autofilling search results with shoppable visuals, and working further on their product inventory automation are all things that are on the table because of their partnership with Syte. As visual search becomes commonplace in ecommerce, they will be one step ahead of the curve.

If you want to add visual search or any of the other visual AI solutions that have been discussed here, contact Syte today.

If you want to add visual search or any of the other visual AI solutions that have been discussed here
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