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How to Future-Proof Your Mobile Commerce Strategy

The momentum behind mobile commerce has been building since the advent of the smartphone — and that growth is shifting into higher gear. By 2021,…

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The Rise of Mindful Shopping

How would you feel if I told you brand loyalty has been “shattered,” but maybe that’s a good thing? Consumer behavior is undergoing dramatic and…

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The eCommerce Arms Race: How to Equip Your Brand for the Next Normal

As the pandemic pushes on, two things have become clear.  First: From Asia to Europe, eCommerce is booming, and shoppers of all ages are digging…

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Proven Back-to-School Marketing Strategies for 2020

This year’s back-to-school season is marred with uncertainty. Parents, students, and businesses have to adjust to the difficult and constantly-changing conditions caused by COVID-19. As…

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5 Ways to Exceed Luxury Shoppers’ Expectations in 2020

As soon as customers walk into a store, luxury brands activate an end-to-end customer experience, from providing individualized attention through knowledgeable associates to showcasing the…

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The Ins and Outs of Creating a Memorable Product Discovery Experience

Today, product discovery is about more than just getting your items in front of customers. It has to be an experience. From influencer shopping hauls…

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4 Ways Machine Learning Can Transform Your eCommerce Business

You’ve obviously noticed that no one in your home has the same Netflix homepage — the shows we’re recommended align directly with our preferences and…

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The Digital Treasure Hunt: Discovery Best Practices for the Second-Hand Economy

Anna Sui once said, “Clothing is so magical. You can really use it to create yourself in a certain way. It’s kind of a vocabulary…

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