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Imagine a world where any product in any photo, image or video, on or offline was instantly purchasable., takes customer inspiration and automatically transforms it into new shopping opportunities, with proven results to increase brand loyalty, searchability and conversions for retailers and brands. combines object recognition, artificial intelligence and machine learning that provides accuracy and speed. Assisting retailers and brands to expand their reach, where the world becomes their catalog and any visual asset becomes instantly clickable and shoppable!

Developed in the vibrant city of Tel Aviv, has worked in hibernation for the past 3 years cultivating an inspired team and perfecting our visual search technology. We believe that combining machine learning and artificial intelligence has the capacity to free users to not just see images, but to interact and experience them.  Our mission is to empower users to take advantage of the limitless opportunities that lay dormant in every image. Our deep learning algorithm automatically extracts every layer of an image, transforming the products you see into an interactive, shoppable experience without any tags, text or manual work.

Management Team

  • Ofer Fryman
    Ofer Fryman CEO in
  • Idan_pinto
    Idan Pinto COO in
  • helge
    Dr. Helge Voss CTO in
  • Lihi Pinto Fryman
    Lihi Pinto Fryman CMO in
  • omri
    Omri Rotem CIO in
  • Susan
    Susan Aubrey-Cound Business Development Director in

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