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For the past three years we have worked in hibernation solely on developing our technology in visual search, combining machine learning and artificial intelligence., encompasses many verticals, providing solutions for retailers, publishers, influencers and consumers. We believe in the power of images, and want to empower users to search simply by tapping on any given image. Our daily life is consumed by images from our favorite retailers, ecommerce websites to social media.  Our deep-learning algorithm automatically extracts every layer of an image, transforming any image into shoppable, without any tags, text or manual work and that is what makes so unique.  

Our vision is simple, we want to empower consumers by giving them the ability of automatic visual search. One day, very soon, this will be the standard. The question is will YOUR customers be the first to enjoy this capability, or will you be the last to adapt? Will your company be a leader in innovation or will you follow your competition?

Management Team

  • Ofer Fryman
    Ofer Fryman CEO in
  • Idan_pinto
    Idan Pinto COO in
  • helge
    Dr. Helge Voss CTO in
  • Lihi Pinto Fryman
    Lihi Pinto Fryman CMO in
  • omri
    Omri Rotem CIO in
  • Susan
    Susan Aubrey-Cound Business Development Director in

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